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Healthy Salad
'Let food be thy medicine'
- Hippocrates

Founded nutrition provides evidenced based dietary and lifestyle advice for busy individuals who wish to invest in their overall health and wellness. Working with a functional medicine approach to address the body’s needs as a whole, we will aim to identify the core underlying imbalance to your concerns as opposed to relying on a short term fix to the symptoms. Practical recommendations will allow you to take control of your wellbeing, offering vitality to support a high performance lifestyle.

A 75minute private health consultation will address your unique needs. Working with diet and lifestyle recommendations, and a supplement plan if required, you will receive a tailored health programme.


Occasionally, functional testing may be required to support this process such as:

- Microbiome testing

- Hormone testing

- Metabolic testing

- Thyroid testing

- Adrenal function testing

- Micro-nutrient deficiency analysis

- Health Risk profiling and optimal health screens

Redefine your finish line
Establish. Originate. Begin. Form. Create. Launch. Base. Build. Construct. 

​Personalised nutrition tailored to you. Identify root causes to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Our bodies need the correct balance of nutrients to function optimally. The impact of everyday living, stress, poor sleep, poor diet and environmental toxins may disrupt our natural physiology. This may give rise to unique imbalances, that  left unchecked may take the form of unfortunately all too common health complaints. These include low energy and fatigue, digestive issues,  skin complaints like acne or eczema, headaches, immune reactions, pain, and often chronic disease.

Dis-ease quite literally means "moving away from ease".

Nutritional therapy may help restore balance.

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